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The Positivity Ratio

I believe you and I share a connection...

If you are reading this then I believe we share a passion and curiosity to know what it is that the very best do differently than everyone else.

When you look inside what makes high performing teams, cultures and relationships work, there are some key elements that drive this process and there is one specifically that I want to share with you today...and that is this balance of positivity vs negativity. 

Studies are now showing us that the very best teams, cultures and relationships are built on a very specific ratio of positive feedback, positive comments and positive interactions to that of negative ones.

This single factor can have one of the greatest effects on our efficiency, our productivity and our overall success. It is that important that I wanted to share how it works in the short video I made for you below.

Check it out, let me know what you think and share it with other people who you think could benefit from hearing this message.

Choose to make today a GREAT day and always choose to Live Life 2 The Max!

Watch Video Here:


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