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The "When-Then" Trap

Today I want to share an evidence based behavior strategy used to manage children’s behavior patterns called "When-Then". This behavior strategy is used to help a child better understand what behaviors are expected of them...

For instance a parent might say:

  • WHEN you clean your room, THEN you can have a treat.

Or a teacher might say:

  • WHEN you put everything away, THEN you can go out for recess.

Simple and effective right?

But here is the thing…Whilst it works on children, as adults we have conditioned our hearts and minds to use this same behavior management strategy to literally prevent us from living the life we really want to live. What I mean by this is we use that same formula to create excuses and reasons as to why we don’t have the things we say we want in our life.

For instance I hear people say…

  • WHEN I have more time, THEN I will spend more time with the people that matter most to me.

  • WHEN I reach a certain status level, THEN I will feel successful.

  • WHEN I get the dream job, THEN I will finally be happy.

  • WHEN I get more playing time, THEN I will feel valued.

  • WHEN I am not as busy, THEN I will start working on my personal growth and development.

  • WHEN I step off the crazy hamster wheel of life, THEN I will find peace and joy.

Does any of that sound familiar?

NEWS FLASH: You don’t have to wait for SOMEDAY to feel that way. Don’t fall into the trap of SOMEDAY. Don't fall into the "When-Then" trap.

Don’t fall into the trap of limiting your future by saying you will only get to experience the life you want and deserve, WHEN something else happens first…

Don’t wait, start TODAY. take action TODAY, step up and step into that which you want TODAY

So I have another version of the same "WHEN-THEN" behavior strategy that will help you get to the NEXT LEVEL. It goes like this…

WHEN you finally start thinking, feeling and acting on the things that matter most to you, THEN you will start living that extraordinary life that you keep waiting on…TODAY!

Speaking of TODAY

Choose to make TODAY a GREAT day and always choose to Live Life 2 The Max!

Wishing you well on your success journey...



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