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The 5 Step Strategy My Clients Are Using

to Eliminate Fear, Anxiety and Overwhelm So They Can Become Super-Achievers

(Even Inside a World of High Performance...)

In this masterclass you're going to discover…



  • The exact step by step process my clients are using to reach Super-Achiever status and become the best in their industry.

  • What it takes to keep it together...even when everyone is depending on you to be at your best.

  • How to create a World-Class mindset that fuels the engine to your success.

  • The Achilles heel that is preventing you from becoming all you can be with all you have been given.

  • Why constantly worrying about results is a one way ticket to burn out, and the better way my clients are using to reach their goals consistently.

  • AND...How to do all this while finding real life balance between owning success and experiencing true fulfillment.

Presented by 

Max Rooke 

Max Rooke is a coach who specializes in working with High Performance individuals and teams to accelerate growth and success. He is also the Associate Head Women’s Soccer Coach at Pepperdine University which is an NCAA Division I Nationally ranked program.


He helps serve those that choose to live “Life 2 The Max”

Spaces Are Very Limited So Join Now!!

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